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Nadia Jay: Gloryhole Initiations

We’ve caught Nadia Jay entering a place that would make the most hardened of black sluts uneasy. The busty black beauty has entered an adult bookstore where interracial porn plays on a continuous loop. However, Nadia’s attention is on the holes in the walls. And it’s not too long before Nadia discovers their use….its’ for black girls to dine on random white cock. Naida rubs that soaking black clit until a lucky white stranger tests the waters by putting his cock through on of the holes in the wall. Nadia, not one to run from an odd situation, drops to her knees and sucks down on whitey’s meat. Nadia’s mouth takes a timeout when her pussy steps up to the plate for some bareback fun. Nadia Jay rides the wall until her pussy overflows with cracker cream… read more
Pornstars: Nadia Jay
Movie: Gloryhole Initiations | Rated: 9.12 | Running Time: 15:12
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