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Alli Rae and Dakota James

Alli Rae: Two Blonde Teens Cum on BBC

Dakota’s girlfriend Alli is upset that her boyfriend cheated on her. After watching TV for a while Alli just can’t take it anymore she needs to get this guy out of her head. That’s when her best friend offers her the perfect solution. Fuck a super hot guy and get over the boyfriend. Dakota has the perfect guy for the job. Flash. They call him over and get ready with some sexy lingerie. Those two beautiful blonde teens share this huge black cock together and really enjoy every minute of it. They lick each other asshole while Flash thrust his big black dick inside them, every minute of this film is just pure fire. Enjoy!
Scene: Two Blonde Teens Cum on BBC | released: December 29, 2014
Pornstars: Alli Rae, Dakota James, Flash Brown